ITG has activated its Emergency Management Response Plan (EMRP), beginning Monday, March 16th, 2020 (more)

Beginning Monday, March 16th, 2020, ITG activated its Emergency Management Response Plan (EMRP) to contribute in the national effort of COVID-19 containment, to safeguard the health of our employees, customers, and business partners and to support our employees parenting needs, while their children are out of school.

Our Best Practices EMRP, ensures the company’s uninterrupted performance, as our human, material and processes infrastructure, has been configured for business continuity, in emergency conditions.

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ITES-SW2 Products & Quotes

ITG can provide you with:

ITES-SW2 Catalog 1 – Audio & Visual

Includes but is not limited to: Compact Disc (CD) & Digital Video Disc (DVD) tools, converters, encoders, music creation, music management, players, rippers, audio utilities, plug-ins, burning software, video editing, video codecs.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 2 – Business & Finance

Includes but is not limited to: Project management, financial tracking tools, taxes, regulatory compliance, accounting, logistics, supply chain management, traffic control (air, land, sea), architecture, business planning and continuity, construction and Contractor management, facility management, human resources, personnel, legal, purchasing, marketing, transportation, software related to decision support, executive support, analytics, and customer relationship management.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 3 – Communication

Includes but is not limited to: Email, instant messaging, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), calendars, contact managers, speech/text/handwriting recognition, language translation and study, telephone management systems.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 4 – Database, Data Integration & Big Data

Includes but is not limited to: Database, database manipulation tools, data warehousing and data governance.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 5 – Education

Includes but is not limited to: Teaching tools, training, library/libraries.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 6 – Internet

Includes but is not limited to: Ad blockers, anti-spam, browsers, file sharing, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), synchronization.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 7 – Modeling and Simulation*

Software that facilitates a level of understanding of the interaction of the parts of a system, and of the system as a whole. Includes but is not limited to: numerical analysis, statistical, Geographic Information System (GIS) software, games/gaming, 3D modeling, and mapping software.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 8 – Multimedia & Design*

Software used for graphic design, multimedia development, specialized image development, general image editing, or to access graphic files. Includes but is not limited to: 3D drawing, computer aided design (CAD), digital photography applications, animation creation, illustration, image editing, font tools, authoring tools, desktop publishing, graphics, and label makers (CD & paper).

ITES-SW2 Catalog 9 – NetOps

Network Operations (NetOps) tools monitor and manage the networked devices. NetOps tools securely manage, operate and maintain the network. NetOps includes Data Center Automation tools, Network Performance Monitor tools, Server & Application Monitor tools, Network Configuration Manager tools, IT Operations Management and IT Service Management tools.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 10 – Office Suite

Includes but is not limited to: Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation software, office automation, Portable Document Format (PDF) documents

ITES-SW2 Catalog 11 – Operating Systems

Includes but is not limited to: Solaris, Fedora, AIX, application runtime, web server, message brokers, message queuing, application integration.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 12 – Programming and Development*

Includes but is not limited to: Software that assists in the development of software applications, editors, compilers, parsers, interpreters, loaders, programming libraries, documentation tools, testing environments, application creation and web design.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 13 – IT Utility and Security*

Includes but is not limited to: Network administration tools, firewalls, backups, disk utilities security/cybersecurity tools, encryption tools, cryptography tools, password managers/creators, file compression, registry tools, test and document editors, data mining, decision support systems, asset and inventory management, peripheral utilities, (scanners, printers, etc), handheld software, optical character recognition.

ITES-SW2 Catalog 14 – Specialized

Includes but is not limited to: Automotive, avionics, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), medical, aerospace, agriculture, artificial intelligence, bar code scanners, physical security, resume writer.

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